Golden star guitar

Posted on: 25th September 2007

How relaxing to find this site and browse through this fantastic guitar collection, superb! You may recall we were one of the pioneers of ‘novelty’ guitars when Mike Leander our manager and producer had built for us a golden star guitar in 1972, we replaced it with one built by John Birch in 1975 and this guitar was gigged until 2002 when Gerry Shephard fell ill, sure the guitar picked up a few kocks and bruises along the way but was lovingly tended to each time. The guitar is now ‘resting’ but is cared for each day. It is an icon of the GlamRock era and outlived and outlasted ALL other novelty guitars built at that time by John Birch. If interested there is a section on our site about the guitar’s history. Anyway super site Guy and well done!!