Hayman Guitar

Posted on: 30th October 2014

Hello Guy,

I thought that I would never meet another guy named Guy, let alone a guy named Guy who also has a Hayman! I was extremely impressed with your collection, however, I was a little surprised that you had the bass model only. If it interests you I have a Hayman 2020 posted on ebay at this time of this email.

Just enter Hayman guitar and its the natural finish model on there, well there is also a bass that someone seems to be selling for parts. I’d prefer to keep the guitar in tack, after all I’m hoping that it goes to someone who appreciates it for its specialty, seeing that it’s all original except two of the knobs. The case is banged up a bit, but I believe it to be original as well. There is a sticker on the back of the headstock showing where the guitar came from. Some shop in Philadelphia, PA., U.S.
Well happy collecting and keep up the good work!