Incredible collection!

Posted on: 7th April 2008

Hello Guy,
Great website and incredible collection! Big compliments! Here is a bit of information about a one time auction that could be really of interest to you:
XOX Audio Tools , producer of one of the most revolutionary award-winning carbon fiber guitars, the Handle, has decided to put the last of 100 numbered limited edition guitars up for auction to the highest bidder and all proceeds will go directly to Guitars not Guns. Guitars not Guns is a non profit making organisation based in the USA, Canada, UK and expanding. They offer free guitars,lessons, encouragement and confidence building to underprivileged children and at-risk youth. They operate entirely on donations and volunteer efforts. They use music as an alternative to violence by providing ambition, a hobby and career possibilities to these needy children.
XOX Audio Tools will be putting their number 100 Handle guitar on ebay on April 21st and it will be auctioned on May 1st 2008.