Old guitar

Posted on: 15th January 2013

An old acoustic guitar

Hello Guy.

It’s your swedish friend Åke Banksell writing again. Most of my precious time off from work is spent with my new Deering Sierra banjo these days. But now and then I’m asked to help people clear things out concerning guitars.

When it comes to really old guitars it’s hard to find information on the internet. I tried to find out what brand my very first guitar was but haven’t succeded so far. I got it from my father but can’t find information as he’s left earth long time ago and so did the guitar. Thought I’d ask if you can help me here as I still have some photographs.

I got it in 1965 as a second-hand gift. He said he’d got it from a friend by 1934 and it was already old and worn out by then. It was stringed with 6 steelstrings but the fifth was gone. The neck action was horrible, probably as it wasn’t meant for steel strings. Steel strings puts a much harder pressure on a guitarneck than nylon strings do. Talking about blisters on my fingers…

I didn’t even know how to tune a guitar but I found out ways to make music with it anyway. I used it as a four string unit. The strings were probably as old as the guitar itself. I hope this can be of use if you want to help me identify the guitar.

I attach my best photo.

The best / Åke