Ovation 12 String

Posted on: 25th September 2016

Hi Guy

The singer Donna with two vintage electric guitars

This was a country show. On the left Pete Pinkney, and my then husband Steve Bailey. We weren’t a trio although we did get together to do a few country shows.

Pete was a great guitarist who in my opinion was equal to Eric Clapton, and strangely as he grew older looked like him too. Steve Bailey was an excellent performer and writer, having written songs and a rock opera. He now resides near you in Looe in Cornwall. I at a later date did quite a few blues gigs with Pete. He at the moment is living in France. I carried on singing a mix of music. Liking blues I sang in France with the John Morgan Blues Band. Did lots of gigs here and abroad, until losing my voice some years back.

Had a good innings though, happy memories.

PS. Quite. The ovation was a dream guitar for Steve then. He said he didn’t want birthday or Christmas presents for the rest of his life. I think it cost around 400 which was a lot of money then. I wonder where it is now?