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Date: 22nd November 2006
Name: Plum
Number: 39

Good luck to you, and thanks for your enthusiasm. I was hoping to see a telecaster, I love em. But enjoyed your collection none the less!

Best wishes, Plum

Burns Mirage

Date: 22nd November 2006
Name: Erik Walet
Number: 38

Hello There,
you have some wonderful guitars here wow !
Still what you call a burns magpie in g5 is as far as I know a Burns Mirage ! (even though you never know with burns) The magpie (II) is a guitar from around ’81, looks very much like a telecaster and is more 1 for the sounds instead of the looks.

Erik Walet

Greetings from Wales

Date: 21st November 2006
Name: minxymanc
Number: 37

Hi Guy,
Greetings from Wales…Looks like you’ve got a few spare slots in your gallery for some more guitars there! Where do you keep them all??????

Good Vintage Guitars

Date: 15th November 2006
Name: Vladimir
Number: 36

Hi from Russia, guitars Guy.

Very good vintage guitars.
May be some of rock heroes, like Ritchie Blackmore or Jimmi Page or any was playin on this guitars?

Good site – good guy – good luck – good buy

Vladimir Maluik.

Squier Strat

Date: 14th November 2006
Name: Nastya
Number: 35

Howdy Guy,
hope your collection will increase. My guitar which I play, she’s not expensive – only Squier Strat, but she is dear for me nevertheless. Thanx for your interest. Anastasia


Date: 11th November 2006
Name: Alex White
Number: 34

Hi!I am from Latvia!This site is very good!Respect!

Fabulous Collection

Date: 10th November 2006
Name: Anastasia
Number: 33

You have the fabulous collection! I’m a guitarwoman, I know, thanks!

Unique Guitars

Date: 1st November 2006
Name: Robert Duffy
Number: 32

Thanks for posting your site, ‘The Guitar Collection’. It’s fascinating to explore some of the rather unique guitars that have been designed over the years.

Best of luck to you and your website.

Robert Duffy

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Interesting Guitars

Date: 19th October 2006
Name: Patrice Noel
Number: 31

Hi Guy,
I learned a lot visiting your site, go on to take care of all these beauties.

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 29-Oct-06, 1:37 pm, GMT

Thank you for your message. You also have some interesting guitars and it was great to read the history of each one which you have comprehensively researched – even though my French isn’t quite good enough to understand everything you’ve included!
Best wishes to you and your band “Tabasco” – I hope to see them live one day.
Au Revoir et Merci, Guy.

Vox Shadow

Date: 17th October 2006
Name: David Southgate
Number: 30

I have a Vox Shadow, Double cutaway,Red with white pick guard, 3 pick ups 1 volume control and 2 tone controls. a pick up selector on lower cutaway bout. Has number on rear of neck, (60475) Does this mean anything, What info can you give me please?

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 29-Oct-06, 1:35 pm, GMT

Thanks for your enquiry. Of course I’ve written to you personally and, without seeing a photo, it seems like a second generation Shadow from about the mid 60’s from Jennings Musical Industries of Dartford, Kent. Equally well known for their amps, they had a large and constantly changing range of guitars and many of their 60’s models are highly collectable today.
Regards Guy.

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