Burns Short Scale Deluxe

Burns Short Scale Deluxe

Dating from between early Dec ’58 and Jan ’59 (11 months before Ormston Burns), this is the oldest known surviving Burns guitar (apart from my Supersounds)! Built with Besson pick-ups and Besson-supplied bridge and tailpiece, this hollow body featured a plastic back (like the first, and later, Burns Weill Super Streamline RP1G). This historic instrument (of “less than 20”) predates the guitar advertised for sale by Foote of London W.1 on 10th January 1959 at 49 Gns. (£51.45) which was sold to Colin Green.

Check the Historic Guitars page for an extensive write up.

Jim Burns interview in 1994 on YouTube

Burns Short Scale Deluxe played by Simon Jones on YouTube

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