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showaddywaddy blue moon guitar — added to my collection 19th february 2010

Posted on: 19th February 2010

Guitarist Russ Field pictured just prior to appearing on BBC TVGuitarist Russ Field pictured just prior to appearing on BBC TV. The paint was still drying as the guitar had been built in 72 hours by Brian Eastwood–a schedule reduced by 2 1/2 weeks due to the oldie “Blue Moon” charting earlier than expected! Evidently the detatchable feet had an uncomfortable “knock on” effect!

coventry rockabilly club saturday 30th january 2010 featuring vince eager, colin green and brian “licorice” locking

Posted on: 30th January 2010

Peter Jackson –a great tribute to Eddie CochranPeter Jackson –a great tribute to Eddie Cochran

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slade, truro tuesday 1st december 2009

Posted on: 1st December 2009

Dave Hill with the latest great incarnation of his Super Yob guitarDave Hill with the latest great incarnation of his Super Yob guitar. But, Dave, why ever did you swop your original John Birch, and your Framus, Super Yobs’ for a non-reverse Gibson Firebird?

Slade's Christmas showSlade’s Christmas show — “Merry Christmas Everybody”. Pictures courtesy of Rosie Riot.

mick green….guitar legend 1944-2010

Posted on: 30th November 2009

“Heaven just got a bit louder”

The PiratesThe Pirates

The Pirates
(Johnny Kidd’s ‘classic’ line-up from c.1962-64) took no prisoners in the 70s and still shakin’ in 2005

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the pirates, putney 28th november 2008…

Posted on: 28th November 2009

Guitar legend ... Mick GreenGuitar legend … Mick Green (Johnny Kidd, Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, Van Morrison, Bryan Ferry, Paul McCartney etc.)

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tony price 1941-2011

Posted on: 20th November 2009

ron & rosalind, cornwall tuesday 17th november 2009

Posted on: 17th November 2009

mary wootton sussex, thursday 29th october 2009

Posted on: 29th October 2009

More information on Supersound Guitars and the company itself can be found in the Story of Supersound website.

bob rogers, dartford, wednesday october 28th 2009

Posted on: 28th October 2009

Ted Taylor Four 1958Ted Taylor Four 1958 – Ted Taylor on right, Bob Rogers on left and Teddy Wadmore, seated, with the very first Supersound Bass (built in summer 1958) which he used on the Jack Jackson TV show in that year.

Bob Rogers – a top working guitaristBob Rogers – a top working guitarist. His first gig was in 1942 and he subsequently “played on hundreds of BBC broadcasts, films, shows and recordings” including as a member of the John Barry 7, Don Lang’s Frantic Five – even a session with Jimmy Page! Films including 6.5 Special and Beat Girl and, most recently as a Skinnerette on the Frank Skinner show in 2001!

larry miller … at the band club, st. austell, saturday 17th october 2009

Posted on: 17th October 2009