Alexis Korner and Cyril Davis

Posted on: 4th May 2014

Alexis Korner with Cyril Davis

I’d like to thank one of my Facebook friends for letting me add this great vintage picture of Alexis Korner and his “Rellog” guitar to my Guestbook.

This is of course one of the earliest electric guitars available in the UK, dating from 1958/9, and imported in very small quantities from East Germany. Although I refer to it as a Rellog the body was, in fact, built by Musima and the pickups are Rellog Gitona. Of course it was fairly unplayable by today’s standards with a thick neck etc – but it was one of very few available at that time.

I know of only one other example in the UK and, despite my best efforts, the owner won’t sell it! And you can be sure that I’ve tried my best to buy it!

But if anyone reading this knows of any other or can add any more information, please contact me.