Posted on: 30th April 2014

Hi Guy,

I too suffer from serious gear acquisition syndrome – I have 45 guitars in my collection. Like you, I find the more obscure and unusual guitars to be far more interesting than the run of the mill Teles and Strats etc.

A couple of days ago, I was walking past a pawn shop in my local town when I saw hung up on the wall a little Japanese Sakai. I just had to have it! Imagine my surprise to find that you have one exactly the same, especially as I’ve never seen one before.

(You can see the Sakai referred to here in the Galleries: Japanese Sakai.)

I know that you are a drummer, but I can tell you that little Sakai has a great tone and plays really well. To think that years ago you used to pick this stuff up in Woolworths for about nine quid! Over the years so much of this stuff has been broken up or chucked away, so finding a good example is becoming increasingly difficult.

Keep collecting Guy, I always find your magazine articles really interesting.