Blue Moon Guitar

Posted on: 1st May 2017

Note: Russ Field was the guitarist with Showaddywaddy (until 1985) who played the Blue Moon Guitar in 1980!

Hi Russ,

It was very nice to speak to you today!

Russ Field pictured with the Blue Moon Guitar

Here is the link to my website:- and on the Home page are links to my personal Facebook page, my Guitar Collection Facebook page and my Instagram page – all have pics of the Blue Moon guitar. In addition there is a link to my new You Tube video channel which I set up to feature some of my guitars & basses being played live & interviews – it’s still work in progress! But the channel includes “The Guitar Collection (my appearance) on BBC TV’s Antiques Road Trip” which features the Blue Moon guitar.

You will find the Blue Moon Guitar in the “Galleries” on my website, The “Archive page” and the “Historic Guitars” page where there is also a link to Paul Day’s appearance with the Blue Moon Guitar on BBC TV’s The History of the Guitar.

Lots of other guitars featured too! Have fun and enjoy the motor racing!

All the best,
Guy (Mackenzie)

Russ Field pictured in 2016 with is guitars

Russ’s response:

Dear Guy,

Likewise I very much enjoyed our conversation!

Sorry I was unable to supply you with any further information about the Blue Moon Guitar but as I recall it was only used for promotional purposes with the exception of our own televised ‘Showaddywaddyshow’

Have looked at the various links on your website and there are lots of interesting (and unusual) instruments and interviews to savour!

I noticed on one photo a Burns Artist – my first ‘proper’ guitar was a 1960 Burns Sonic which I sold many years ago but found an identical one on Ebay to replace it.

Some time ago I decided while my memory is still reasonably intact to list all my previous musical instruments over the years but the one I have always regretted selling was my stop-tail early 1960’s Gibson ES345 TDSV which I am determined to replace if the correct model ever comes up for sale.

With best wishes and please call in to see us if you are ever journeying this far North!

With best wishes,