Guyatone LG-40?

Posted on: 21st November 2017

Hello Guy

I left a message on your YouTube channel (Guitar Files #1 Guyatone LG50) on how I acquired what I think to be a Guyatone LG-40 from a skip in the early 70s.

When I look at the photo on your front page I see the exact same guitar as this one (before the black repaint and the bridge change over). From your message I did note that the fret markers were rectangular and not round. Although they are now missing and need to be renewed you can still see the outlines clearly.

This is the only photo I have seen elsewhere as all of the others I’ve seen are the twin pick-up version. Mine was originally this exact colour with the same white pick guard which has unfortunately been lost over the years.

I enclose some photos that I took today of the parts I have. I am hoping to refurbish it and finish it off to at least a playable standard during this winter as it was last played i the 80s after the bridge was changed over.

I was based in the South East for years but I am now retired and living in South Wales. Would love to pop in and see your collection at some point on my travels