Gibson Epiphone ES335 Dot. 2003

Posted on: 20th December 2017

Hello Guy. How do you do?

Front of Gibson Epiphone ES335 Dot. 2003

Great website and a fantastic collection you have.

I’m John. A bit of a collector, myself.

This guitar, I bought second hand, in Bristol, a couple of years back. It might not be your sort of thing, but I wondered if you could shed any light on it’s provenance, rarity, and value? It’s my prettiest guitar, by a mile. (I do also own a rare black Masquerader, which, I can see is your thing).

Obviously, I’m aware it’s Korean, and from 2003. I’ve contacted Epiphone, who denied all knowledge of it?? They put me onto Gibson Europe, who admitted it was one of theirs, but, curiously, refused to give me production numbers? You’d think they would give this information happily? As Marshall do, for instance.

I suspect it’s from a very limited paint shop run of about 100 ? What do you think? It’s called ‘Blue burst’, as opposed to the more common Pelham blue. The only other pictures of similar guitars I can find online are the original gumtree ad where I bought it, and a similarly stumped chap in Canada who’s also got one.

Back of Gibson Epiphone ES335 Dot. 2003

Be good to hear your opinion?

Much obliged