Posted on: 3rd January 2018

Hi again Guy.

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I appreciate your help very much. Yes, I’m happy to send you some pictures of my Masquerader. It’s a wonderful guitar.

I bought it a year or so, off of a chap who’s selling a huge collection (140+) of mainly British vintage instruments. Gordon Smiths, Deacons, Breadwinners, Luthier built, etc. He was in the right place, right time in the ’70’s.

Firstly, here’s a photo of the masquerader from the Shergold archive site. I’ve messaged them also, to find out exactly whether it is indeed one of the 1st 10 made, as claimed?

This guitar has a curved shaped headstock. Whereas my one has a squared off headstock.

It went well with the double neck 12/6 (which I recently sold), and the ’98 Status Groove 5 string active bass. A UK threesome. The 12/6 was a Lump, and in need of a bit too much work. It had an Ivory nut! And it was Stereo, too. It’s currently up for sale on gumtree for even more money?? Good luck to the chap.

Thanks once more for your help with the blue burst.

Kind regards