Dallas Rangemaster Twin Neck

Posted on: 14th August 2014

Page from the Dallas catalogue showing the Rangemaster Twin neck electric guitar.

Hi Guy,

Martin Kelly from the Vox Guitar book here. I hope this finds you well.

While looking over your site which I often do, I espied an email from a guy with a rather interesting Dallas Rangemaster guitar.

This rang a bell in my mind so I started looking back through a bunch of Dallas catalogues I have here.

In the ’60 full line which came out in late 1959 there it was!

Well – not a single neck six string like the one you have in the pictures but the Rangemaster “Twin”. Could it be the first UK made double neck electric? (Click on the image above to see a larger version.)

It’s certainly the Elephant Man of ’50’s UK guitars.

Perhaps Dallas made a standard Rangemaster “single” too – or maybe both instruments were follies that never made it.

Either way the the Rangemaster single isn’t pictured here or in any other Dallas cats I have from the era.

There’s definitely a similarity between the 2 guitars – check the switching – and I though you might be interested.