Meteor and Grimshaw Guitars

Posted on: 6th January 2013

Grimshaw Guitars

Hi Guy

I know you have an interest in the Meteor and other quirky guitars, so I thought I would send you this photo. They were both purchased from Grimshaw in 1983 and 1984. The one one the left was purchased 1984 and made to special customer order. The Meteor on the right was bought off the shelf in 1983! I think this guitar was made up from a body which had been lying around since early 1960s which they put a contemporary neck and hardware to and sold it as a new guitar.

By 1984 Grimshaw was in its last throws as a company and they did seem to make more specials and very few production instruments, most of the business being done at this time was repairs etc to all makes. There are many one off guitars from the 1980s which are very interesting and they just keep turning up, one interesting guitar from 1982 recently appeared in Latvia of all places.

I am going to put some more photos of the two attached guitars on the web site as soon as I can get round to it and also some history from the owner who still (and has for 30 years) plays these two guitars in a semi pro band, quite amazing.

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