My Dallas accoustic found in a skip covered in industrial filth!

Posted on: 8th November 2012

Dallas Acoustic 12 String Guitars

Hi Guy

Click on the image to the right for a larger version.

Hope you are well and have found some guitar bargains to add to your collection.

Just thought I’d tell you I’ve found another Dallas 12 string identical to mine that I sent you photos of last June which I found in a skip, that you thought rare. The new one is not in such good condition as mine, but the seller said it was very rare as you thought of mine. There is no serial numbers on these guitars, but I now know the model number of these guitars which has been scrubbed out on my guitar before my ownership probably before it was thrown in the skip! So the model number of the new guitar is 9404 MIJ, and I assume its the same on my guitar because they are identical down to the smallest details.

In the sellers written sales blurb he refers to a third identical guitar he knew of that sold in a private auction for £330. So that’s three of these odd 12 string Dallas acoustics that are known of now, and I now own two:-)

Regards Julie