Sunburst Strat

Posted on: 9th July 2006

Hi Guy,
Just a courtesy call to say thanks for contacting the site. Haven’t looked at all your guitars, but looks like an interesting collection. I only have one oldie but goodie, and that’s an all original 1962 3 tone sunburst Strat. with slab fret board and no whammy bar. I also have a Jap rosewood Tele which is very nice but bloody heavy!
Cheers, Mike

Reply written by Guy Mackenzie at 09-Jul-06, 11:40 pm, GMT +1

Thank you so much for contacting my site. I especially appreciated hearing from you as you’ve been an inspiration to me and your recordings of “Tribute to Buddy Holly”, “My Little Baby” and “Don’t You Think It’s Time” were some of the first records I ever bought!
During the last few years, I’ve seen you on several occasions and enjoyed each gig – however, the very best I attended was in about 1999 when you appeared with Hogan’s Heroes and Dave Edmonds in North London.
It was really interesting to read about your Tele and that ’62 Strat – it’s certainly a collector’s item!
You ARE one of the “Great’s” of British R ‘n’ R and you have one of the very best live shows touring today – thank you again for taking the time to visit my site. Keep on Rockin’!
Best wishes, Guy