The Confederates

Posted on: 2nd February 2007

what a great site
I played in a Manchester band, The Confederates, in the early sixties. My first electric was a Rosetti Lucky 7. I used to think it was made from the plywood in tea chests! The action was about an inch. I told people later that “if you can play a Rosetti, you can play anything”
i also had a Futurama and my favourite, a Hofner Colorama with a leatherette body. In the band I played a Hofner President bass. (a pic of this bass,played by my successor, is in the MDMArchive under Confederates.
I have have new collection of modern guitars including a real Gibson SG twin neck and a 1982 Ibanez Pro Roadstar. This one really rocks!!!
great site. lots of guitars I’d forgoton about.
Robert Farnley