Ye Old Fenton Weill Guitars

Posted on: 31st October 2012

Hi Guy,

Thought I’d share a short story on my Fenton Weill electric guitar. In the early 60’s I was learning how to play an acoustic guitar, a small 4 member band came out of England and drove us crazy in the USA with their music and long hair. That band was called the Beatles and I talked my parents into getting me an electric guitar (future Rock Star). As I was very young at the time, my parents made the purchase of a Fenton Weill electric guitar. A couple of years later my parents divorced and I ended up 3000 miles away from my guitar. My father kept the guitar for 43 years inside the hard case and I saw it three times.

The last time was in August of this year when my father past away at nearly 91 years old. I now have my Fenton Weill electric guitar at my home and coupled it with a Marshall (MG100DFX) amp. I took the time to have the guitar checked out to insure there was no problems. It has two “pickups” and looks very much like the red guitar you have listed in the guest book. The hard case has the blue velvet interior and is in very good shape.

Best Regards,