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BBC Radio Cornwall…

Thursday 7th April 2011

Guy Mackenzie interviewed by BBC Radio Cornwall – Freddie and the Dreamers memorabilia (8MB file):


BBc Cornwall, 6 August 2010…

Cornwall’s Guitar Man

“Guy Mackenzie has always been fascinated by guitars. The west Cornwall drummer played in bands in the ’60s, which was when his love of guitars started.”

BBC - Cornwall's Guitar Man, 6 August 2010

BBC Cornwall, 5 August 2010…

In Pictures: Guy’s Guitars

BBC - In Pictures: Guy's Guitars

The Beat magazine, June 2010 No 99 Vol 8

The Beat Magazine, June 2010 No.99 Vol. 8…

Fast finish guitar meets original owner

“The Showaddywaddy “Blue Moon” guitar, one of the UK’s most unusual and photogenic electric guitars was briefly reunited with its original owners.”

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West Briton, Thursday May 13, 2010

West Briton, 13 May 2010…

Collector acquires his ‘Holy Grail’

“George Harrison may well have written While My Guitar Gently Weeps, but it is possibly Guy Mackenzie’s bank balance that is sobbing at the moment.”

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Western Morning News, Wednesday May 12 2010

Western Morning News, 12 May 2010…

Band reunited with guitar for once in a blue moon

“One of Britain’s most unusual and photogenic guitars was briefly reunited with its original owner after being acquired by a Westcountry collector.”

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BBc Radio Cornwall…

Tuesday 19th January 2010

Guy Mackenzie interviewed by BBC Radio Cornwall – Mick Green (8MB file):

Vintage Guitar, November 2009 page 70

Vintage Guitar, November 2009…

Saga of The Lost Supersounds

“Electric guitars date back less than a century, but the stories of their development sometimes seem as lost as those of antiquity! Then a forgotten closet will open and out will tumble dusty skeletons of wood and wire, offering new insights, and often posing new questions.”

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Guitar & Bass Magazine, May 2009 page 94

Guitar & Bass Magazine, May 2009…

Rockets From The Crypt

“Have you ever seen one of these? Supersound guitars show the early handiwork of the legendary Jim Burns, but his involvement is a matter of controversy. Lars Mullen assembles the evidence”

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Gibson Guitar, 15 April 2009

Gibson Guitar, 15 April 2009…

Rare Collection of Supersound Guitars Found in British Basement

“A rare collection of British-made Supersound guitars has been found in the basement of a house in the U.K., according to a report from the BBC.”

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