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BBC News, 15 April 2009

BBC News, 15 April 2009…

Rare guitars found after 50 years

“A collection of rare British-made electric guitars has been discovered in the basement of a house in Cheltenham.”

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BBC TV Points West, 15 April 2009…

Guy chats about his collection of Supersound guitars on BBC TV’s Points West…

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Supersound Interviews…

Radio 5 Live, 10 April 2009

Guy Mackenzie interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live (2MB file):

Radio Cornwall, 9 April 2009

Guy Mackenzie interviewed by Radio Cornwall (20MB file):

Western Morning News, Thursday April 9 2009

Western Morning News, Thursday April 9 2009…

Guy tracks down Holy Grail of rock world: earliest electric guitars

“They may look like beaten up, standard-issue electric guitars, but when Guy McKenzie clapped eyes on them he knew he had found the Holy Grail of the rock world.”

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West Britain, Thursday April 2 2009

West Briton, Thursday April 2 2009…

Scarlet’s very special guitar lesson

“At seven months old, a lucky Scarlet Worsley received her first guitar lesson from rock legend Frank Allen, of The Searchers.”

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Guitar & Bass Magazine, Winter Special 2008 page 100

Guitar & Bass Magazine, Winter Special 2008…

Enter Sandman

“Two years have passed since we first met Guy MacKenzie, and since that time he’s been acquiring mad guitars at the rate of one a fortnight. Words and pics: Lars Mullen”

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Collect It!, August 2008 page 16

Collect It!, August 2008…

A collection that rocks!

“A collection that brings back memories of the music scene of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s”

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Cornwall Today, February 2008 page 145

Cornwall Today, February 2008…

Strings attached

“Drummer Guy [Mackenzie] has an impressive collection of rock guitars”

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Antique’s Roadshow, 25 September 2007…

Guy Mackenzie’s guitars featured on BBC TV’s Antiques Roadshow, Exmouth, September 2007.

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Guitar & Bass, February 2007 page 88

Guitar & Bass, February 2007…

Economy Class

“Guy Mackenzie doesn’t give a fig for established classics: he’s obsessed by the cheesy, near-forgotten models that fuelled so many teenage rock’n’roll dreams. Lars Mullen steps into the time capsule”

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